We have covered some super simple steps to utilizing the Indiana Floodplain Information Portal and the property has been verified as in the floodplain.  What comes next?

As a real estate professional, there needs to be a discussion about what that means for a home buyer.  While that can be unpleasant, it is a better to get it out in the open.  I have had multiple calls from realtors and they are at the closing…can I help with the problem of floodplain insurance… right now?   Uh….

Give those clients the right stuff

In partnership with Clarksville, we have modified three brochures (see below) that can be provided to prospective home buyers, or current home owners, about structures in a floodplain.  We have plenty of these at our office, or you can download them from the internet.

Regardless of what you use, consider creating an internal process for your real estate company about how to handle the floodplain issue.  Your clients will appreciate it.  No one likes finding out about floodplain insurance the day they are supposed to close.

FEMA Brochures

You are scrutinizing that home at risk for flooding…

“Ask Before You Buy: Know Your Flood Risk” is the brochure for you (it comes from the California Department of Water Resources).  It gives some resources for prospective home buyers and discusses what a Flood Insurance Rate Map can tell you.  We have added some information about Clarksville and Jeffersonville and our specific flood hazard, the Ohio River.

You fearlessly purchased the floodplain home!

Nothing Can Dampen the Joy of Home Ownership” awaits you.  This brochure helps people understand why there is a need for flood insurance and the peace of mind it can bring.  Of course, that peace of mind may also be required by the law.  It also addresses how much insurance you should consider purchasing.

You experienced staggering loss from the flood 🙁

If Your Home Or Business Has Been Flooded, Build Back Safer and Stronger” can help you.  This brochure discusses what to expect after you have experienced a loss from a flood (there is a process).  It also provides information about re-building and insurance considerations, along with how to reduce your insurance premium.

The flood finale

While these brochures will not answer all the questions that someone may have about flooding, insurance, or damage they have received during a flood, we feel that they give people somewhere to start.  If a real estate professional hands these brochures out and there are still more questions that need answered, call us ahead of time and we will do our best to help.