Cleaning up after a flood

Flood cleanup fun. Yep, I’m holding a rake!

Sometimes it rains (or snows) a lot.  If we are extra lucky, it floods.

Hi.  I’m Bryan.  As a Certified Floodplain Manager that works in southern Indiana, I receive calls about localized drainage issues, FEMA flood maps, flood zones, and flood insurance. Real estate professionals, business owners, and residents want to know about flooding (especially when the spring rains hammer down).  Each person has a slightly different need, but I answer the same flood related questions regularly:

  • What causes flooding in basements?
  • Which flood zone is my house located?
  • Can I get out of paying for flood insurance?

I want to help you find answers to these questions and more.

My Story

In 2002, I started my professional career in the wide world of water.  Since that time, I have worked for three local government entities and managed stormwater quality, drainage, and floodplain management programs.  I now work for an engineering firm based in Indiana doing water resources work.

When I am not working, I would rather be outdoors – fishing or paddling with my family.  Water is an important part of my life…I want to help keep it clean!

Why the Blog about Flooding?

In 2014, I attended the Southern Indiana Realtors Association annual meeting and gave a presentation with a coworker about floodplains and the upcoming changes to the flood insurance regulations through the NFIP.  We received a ton of questions and positive comments from the audience.  Several people mentioned that they wished they could find this information online…so I created a blog geared for real estate professionals and property owners.

Got it.  Lets Get Started.

If you are new to this site, check out these blog posts first to start discovering answers about flooding:

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