Nature appears to be taking a brief break from the rain and it now pouring on some heat.  Since I do not have any ridiculous photos of flooding to post, this seems to be great opportunity to start sharing some resources, white papers, etc. that are out there and are quick / easy to read.

Denver Sun

It was nearly 90 degrees in Denver last week and it barely felt warm. It’s that hot in Southern Indiana and it is miserable outside!

Today’s blog post is a paper (I only have access to the issue brief) that I found on the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) website in their “What’s New” Section.  The paper is titled:

Does Federal Disaster Assistance Reduce the Demand for Insurance Protection? Empirical Evidence.

The premise of the paper is an attempt to start answering a question:  Does the possible availability of federal disaster relief after a natural disaster, such as a flood, cause people to purchase less insurance?  Meaning that some people are under-insured and treat the disaster relief as a substitute for insurance.  Which in turn may imply that the federal government spends more money on each disaster since people are not covered to the proper levels.

While I could not access the full paper (the link at the end would not work for me), I found it to be very interesting concept. Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Enjoy the sun!