This is a short tutorial on using the Indiana Floodplain Information Portal (INFIP).

Step 1

Make magic happen with Google.

INFIP Step 1

Step 2

Once on the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) website, scroll about half way down.

INFIP Step 2

Step 3

Tell the disclaimers that you will be good.

INFIP Step 3

Step 4

Use the “Find an address” or “Jump to a county” at the top left of the page.  I entered Clark County and it shows me the entire County.  Sometime the address finder acts strange, so I typically zoom to the property that I want with the mouse.

INFIP Step 4

Step 5

Once you find the property you want, you will see several things:

  • The blue dots represent the steam and are clickable;
  • The yellow shows the floodway.  See my previous post about the floodway and flood fringe;
  • The blue shows the flood fringe.  The yellow + blue = the 100-year flood zone;
  • The purple shows the 500-year flood zone.INFIP Step 5

Step 6

If you click on one of the blue dots, it will tell you the information that you see below in the image.  It has the Base Flood Elevation and which Flood Insurance Study the information came from.  It also tells you the Zone, which is AE in this example.  AE is a detailed study.

INFIP Step 6

Step 7

You can also click on the blue dot and the property you are interested in.  The program will draw a red line with a house symbol where you clicked.  To the right of the map, the “Point of Interest” data will be listed.  Below that, information will also be showing that lists the community and community Floodplain Administrator for that property.  If you have questions, start with the Floodplain Administrator.  The IDNR can also help if you request it, but they can only help so many people so quickly in the entire State of Indiana, so expect a possible delay in getting a response.

INFIP Step 7

The Flood Finale

INFIP is a surprisingly useful tool that can quickly provide you with the floodplain information you need.  Kudos to the people who developed this online program and to those that keep it updated.